Release Notes for 5/10/12

Here are the notes for this week’s release:

Pull Requests

  • We’ve now added the ability to send pull requests to and from specific branches in your fork and the parent project. This is our first change in a series of improvements we want to make to our pull request workflow.


    We’ve also changed the location of the create fork/pull request links so that they’re a little more discoverable and to separate these actions visually from navigation links.

Bug Fixes

We’ve been continuing to tweak and refine our UI. Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Fixed an issue where the progress indicator would momentarily darken the entire screen when browsing code files, causing users to think that they’re in a rave :). 
  • We darkened the text on input boxes.
  • We added some color to distinguish between fixed, closed, and open issues when browsing issues.
  • Fixed an issue where long commit messages would not appear when viewing a commit.
  • Fixed an issue where discussion timestamps would extend beyond their intended width.
  • Added some padding around the edges of the site to increase readability on smaller screens/browser sizes such as mobile and table devices.
  • We reduced the height of some of our visual elements, including the download button and our headings with gray backgrounds.
  • We’ve also made various tweaks across the site to increase consistency on design elements with the new theme.

Special thanks to the following users who reported issues or gave feedback for this release: hhblaze, pranavkm, jeffyjones, HenrikN, hasanga, radioman, and mattslay.

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Comments (2)

  1. Glad I could help! So excited to see CodePlex get all of this love and attention.

  2. radioman says:

    download button is still big, still not fixed, LIER!

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