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We deployed a new version of the CodePlex website yesterday. 

Redesigned Home Page with Activity Stream

In CodePlex we continuously look for ways to provide our users with the most recent and relevant information they are seeking. It is with this in mind that we released our latest feature, the home page activity stream.

The activity stream showcases events taking place on projects you are a part of as well as projects you are following. There are many different events in the system that causes activities to be created, including starting a discussion, creating a work item etc.


All the functionality that was available on the former home page, such as creating a new project or finding a project that needs help, is available on the right side of the new home page.



The CodePlex team values your feedback. We are frequently monitoring Twitter, our Discussions, and Issue Tracker. If you have not visited the Issue Tracker recently, please take a few minutes to suggest or vote on a feature you would like to see implemented.

Comments (3)

  1. imgen says:

    Great new feature. I noticed that the home page (without signing in) also got minor update. I don't know exactly where, but I feel it.

  2. Steven says:

    It would be nice to be able to jump to the old view without having to log out – to be able to view Most Downloaded, Popular Releases, and Projects Users are Following.  I find these interesting day-to-day.  Could you add links for those on the Activity Stream page?

  3. gemini says:

    Is the Activity Stream's API exposed for feeding to other websites?  If so, I'd like to put it on my microblog when I make one this winter.  Is it an Ajax API?

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