Pull Request Listing, Recent Releases in Followed Projects, and Projects You May Like

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We deployed a new version of the CodePlex website yesterday.


Pull Request Listing

We now provide the ability to view a history of all of the pull requests that have been sent by project members. You can filter those requests by status and/or reviewer.


As you can see, each submitted pull request is listed, along with some metadata, including who submitted it, when it was submitted, its state, and the number of comments made.

Recent Releases in Followed Projects

If you’re following any projects, and you’re signed into the site, you’ll notice a list of recent releases in all of the projects that you’re following on the left most side of the CodePlex site home page.


Each item on the list consists of the project name, the most recent release, and the release description.

Projects You May Like

The Projects Users Are Following section has been replaced with a generated list of projects that we think you may like based on the projects you’re currently following.


Each item on the list consists of the project name and description. We also made it easy for you to follow the project should you wish to do so.


The CodePlex team values your feedback. We are frequently monitoring Twitter, our Discussions, and Issue Tracker. If you have not visited the Issue Tracker recently, please take a few minutes to suggest or vote on a feature you would like to see implemented.

Comments (2)

  1. Recent Releases in Followed Projects says:

    Can we have the option to turn this off?

    As you can see, the Javascript.NET project in you example was last released in Sept 2010, to keep seeing such projects only on all visits is not productive to me.

  2. @Recent Releases in Followed Projects:

    I find it productive to keep on track on recent releases, especially in my followed projects. If you're only tracking very few long-time-ago-since-last-update, if not abandoned, projects, then it's not CodePlex fault for providing such nice feature of course 😀

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