Pull Request Conversations, Inline Diff Enhancements

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We deployed a new version of the CodePlex website today.

Pull Request Conversations

Previously, the only way for project members and users who submitted pull requests to converse was via e-mail. This complicated the review process and made conversations isolated and difficult to track. For this release, we’ve added functionality that enables you to have those same conversations within the pull request page.

When you view a pull request, you’ll now see “Comments” and “Changes” tabs, with current comments displayed.


Inline Diff Enhancements

We tweaked the inline diff experience to make it easier to traverse diff blocks. When you open up the inline diff experience, you’ll now see up and down arrows.


To move between the diff blocks, you can use those arrows or utilize the available keyboard shortcuts.

Lastly, we have also brought the inline diff experience to the source control changes page for project and fork changesets.

You can see both enhancements live by viewing the associated pull request or changeset changes on WikiPlex.

The CodePlex team values your feedback. We are frequently monitoring Twitter, our Discussions, and Issue Tracker. If you have not visited the Issue Tracker recently, please take a few minutes to suggest or vote on a feature you would like to see implemented.

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  1. Alexey says:

    Glad to see your continuing commitment to the site. Keep it up!

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