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We deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software today.

WYSIWYG Wiki Editor

With this release, we have enabled the ability for project members to edit their wiki pages in either the Wiki Markup or with a WYSIWYG Html editor. When you create or edit a wiki page, you’ll have the ability to switch between Wiki Markup and Html Markup.


If you currently have existing Wiki Markup and click the Html Markup option, the Wiki Markup will be converted to HTML Markup for you. You can always switch back to using Wiki Markup, but the content will revert to the original Wiki Markup for the current version. That means

  1. Switching to Html Markup, editing content in the WYSIWYG editor, and then switching to Wiki Markup will not retain your changes.
  2. Once an Html Markup page is saved, switching to Wiki Markup will result in no Wiki Markup available.

Below you will see the converted Wiki Markup of the home page for WikiPlex.


Here are a few tips for working with the Html Markup:

  1. You can always go back to a prior Wiki Markup version to either save it as the current version or copy the Wiki Markup to be used later.
  2. When the Wiki Markup to Html Markup conversion executes – the RSS, Silverlight and Video macros will be rendered as friendly text with a link to the resource.
  3. When attaching files or images within your wiki page, we now list each attachment as a link to the resource allowing you to right-click and copy the URL to be used in either the image or link editor.
  4. You can have a mixture of Wiki Markup and Html Markup pages within your project. There is no reason to convert everything over if you don’t want to.

Mercurial Servers Upgraded to 1.6

We also upgraded our Mercurial servers to the latest version. By upgrading to this version, you have the ability to take advantage of the latest features of Mercurial, including pushing Bookmarks to the server. Click here for a complete list of new features or bug fixes in Mercurial 1.6.

Comments (5)

  1. Matteo Migliore says:

    As usual, great work from the team of CodePlex. It's fantastic!! A suggestion:

    please release the Wiki Markup editor as a Silverlight control!

    Thanks in advance,

    Matteo Migliore.

  2. neojudgment says:

    Hi matthaw,

    It is much easier now with Html editor !

    Best regards


  3. Has anyone used this with TechNet Wiki?

  4. Newtel - New CodePlex User says:

    Hi all, it should be useful for me but I do not know how I can download/use it! 🙁

    Do you have any suggestion for starting??


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