Free TekPub Episode: Using Mercurial with CodePlex

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TekPub_logo-200 The team at TekPub has just released a special free episode on using Mercurial with CodePlex. In it, Rob Conery demonstrates some Mercurial basics using TortoiseHg and VisualHg, pushing your repository changes to CodePlex, and the forking workflow within CodePlex.

Head on over to TekPub to watch this episode now!

If you enjoy watching this free episode and are interested in learning more about Mercurial, they also have a complete Mastering Mercurial series with more than 3 hours of additional content. TekPub has provided us a limited number of free 30-day trials to their full Mastering Mercurial series to give away, so contact us if you're interested.

Comments (1)

  1. Even Mien says:

    It was a great episode. Here's a link the the ignore file that that Rob Connery used:…/mercurial-hgignore-for-visual-studio-2008-projects

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