The times they are a changing…


It was 4½ years ago that Sandy Khaund and I founded the group that was chartered to build an open source project hosting site for Microsoft. The site, which eventually became known as CodePlex (it had many internal names) launched a little more than a year later. The site has grown dramatically over the past 3 years and today is one of the largest open source project hosting sites. It also hosts 400+ of Microsoft’s own open source projects. In addition CodePlex serves as an example of how to run an agile project at Microsoft. The team that was formed to build and support the site has been one of the best teams that I have worked with over the years.


I say all this because today is my last day as the Product Unit Manager of the CodePlex team. I decided a month ago to move to a new opportunity in Microsoft Services organization. I will be leading a development team that is responsible for building solutions which assist customers in deploying, maintaining, operating, and developing applications for Microsoft’s products. However, this does not end my efforts with regard to Microsoft and open source. I am an advisor to the CodePlex Foundation, a coordinator on the project, and a very interested observer of CodePlex (hint: cool and interesting things are coming). I know they will keep up the great work.



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  1. Robert Cain says:

    We’ll miss you as the "voice of Codeplex" but it sounds like your new opportunity will be exciting as well. Does this mean you’ll be jumping off really tall buildings in your new position too?

    Good luck!

  2. Felix Kollmann says:

    Thanks for all the hard work! Good luck and all the best wishes for your future!!

    Greetz sndfkollmann_cp!

  3. You did a splendid job in CodePlex and I’m sure the same will continue with your new position as well.


  4. saraford says:

    @Robert This was a blog post by Jim Newkirk. I (Sara) am still around. =D

  5. Artem says:

    Dear Sara,

    Are there any plans to add git/mercurial version control systems to Codeplex? Thanks in advance.

  6. Meteor says:

    No problem.

    I will support you always.

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