Donate Ad Revenue To Charity and New Editor Role

Yesterday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software.

Donate your advertisement revenue to charity

By clicking just 2 check boxes, any project owner can donate their ad revenues to Habitat for Humanity Int’l. My thinking is even if an individual project only receives a dollar in ad revenue each month, if thousands of projects opt in to donate their ad revenue, that’s a pretty decent size donation. 

Donate ad revenue to charity

We’ll report donations on a monthly basis in our documentation.

Editor Role

We introduced a new CodePlex Editor role where this team member can only modify the wiki, for example, no write access to source code repository, no access to edit work item details, etc.

My hope is this will give the CodePlex community more ways to contribute to open source projects, especially in writing documentation for projects.


Editing your own work items

We’ve added the ability for you to edit your own work item content, in case you’ve made a typo or need to update steps to reproduce an issue.

Comments (4)

  1. Astrylian says:

    Can Editors delete forum posts? Do their posts show up in yellow?

  2. saraford says:

    RAWR!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. =)

    No, Editors cannot delete forum posts. Only coordinators have that ability.

    Yes, their post should show up in yellow. If this isn’t happening for you, let me know because it is a bug.

    You can see everything an Editor can and can’t do in our Project role matrix at



  3. Car Donation Wizard says:

    Giving back through car donation is easy and tax deductible. Fill out our simple and easy online form to donate a car to the charity of your choice today and we’ll send you a receipt for your taxes.

  4. Jamie Clayton says:

    It looks like the 'editor' role displays source code TFS connection details, while not allowing the role to actually connect, even in readonly mode.

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