Our Wiki Engine is now available as a project on CodePlex

On Thursday last week, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software.

Introducing the release of WikiPlex

WikiPlex, our wiki engine, is now available as an open source project on CodePlex under the Microsoft Public License at http://wikiplex.codeplex.com/. You can read more about WikiPlex on our developer Matt Hawley’s blog at WikiPlex – An Embedded Wiki Engine

Reply with Quotes

In the discussion boards, we’ve added the ability to reply with quoted text.

reply with quote

This will put the post you are replying to in quotes for you.

post in quotes

New Wiki Macros

Alongside the release of WikiPlex, we added a couple of new macros that allows you to right align and left align text and images.

>{This content will be right aligned}>
<{This content will be left aligned}<

<[image:codeplex_logo_green_small.jpg] The image will be right aligned 
>[image:codeplex_logo_green_small.jpg] The image will be right aligned

For example,

New wiki macros for right and left alignment of text and images

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