Looking for a charity for CodePlex project owners to donate advertisement revenue

One of the things we’ve been planning to do with The Lounge as our new advertisement provider is to allow project owners with a single click to opt in to have their advertisement revenue go to charity. We believe that pooling individual projects together would provide a nice charitable donation.

However, we haven’t been able to finalize on a charity yet. We’re thinking maybe a non-profit that’s focused on Open Source or education in IT? But maybe people would prefer a charity like Habitat for Humanity? We wanted to get your input what charities come to mind that we should check out.

Donate to charity single-click opt-in

Comments (10)

  1. I would like to suggest KiKa, a Dutch foundation to create a cancer free world for kids. http://www.kika.nl. For Dutch project owners a good selection, but of course also for *any* project owner.

  2. How about http://www.ncwit.org/

    The donate page looks like a codeplex page too! http://www.ncwit.org/get.donate.html

  3. Pedro says:

    DonorsChoose funds classroom projects of all sorts – http://www.donorschoose.org

  4. Simone says:

    I usually donate to Greenpeace.

    But I’d also not mind giving the money back to CodePlex to help drive the site (a buy more swag for the next MVP summit :))

  5. Stefan Wenig says:

    Donate it all to the FSF, why dont ya? 😉

    Seriously, I cannot think of a single OSS organization that does not in one way or another conflict with MS’s interests. Maybe MS should found an organization that funds the .NET OSS scene? That could be funded straight by MS, by donations via CP, by outside donations, etc. I’m thinking about the ALT.NET scene here, not only CodePlex (think NHibernate, Castle, CrusieControl, NUnit, mbUnit, rhino…)

  6. HappyCode says:

    Electronic Frontier Foundation



  7. Suggestion says:

    The Computer Clubhouse

    Helps kids learn, with computers.  That sounds about the right mix of geek and charity for donations from a site like Codeplex.

  8. adefwebserver says:

    I would prefer United Way or the Red Cross (The Red Cross is a good "World Wide" organization).

    But yeah if I could just click a few check-boxes and donate the money that would be great. But just as important I would like to see the running count of donated money.

    Competition to generate the most donated money is a good use of our Open Source time. It would really provide a good purpose for our work. I feel that it is definitely worth implementing.

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