Hyperlink images in your wiki pages, new TinyMCE Editor, and new Flot stats chart

Just a few minutes ago, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software.

Work item #14459: Wiki hyperlinking from an image

Thanks to a voting campaign that started on Twitter on April 9, this work item became our #1 most requested feature almost overnight. Because we use Agile to deploy a new release every 3 weeks, we were able to provide a quick turnaround to this request.

This is basic format for image hyperlinking:

[image:<Friendly Name>|<image name or link to the image>|<URL pointed to by image>]

For example:

[image:My Image|http://www.domain.com/myimage.jpg|http://www.domain.com]

[image:My Image|my_image.jpg|http://www.domain.com]

hyperlined wiki image

New Homepage Tweaks

We made some tweaks to our homepage. http://www.codeplex.com 

The major change I’ll call out is that we moved the project search to the left, since it is the primary action people visiting the homepage will take.

CodePlex Homepage

TinyMCE Editor

We’re now using the TinyMCE Editor for our discussion boards.

TinMCE Editor

Flot chart

We’re now using the Flot chart for our project stats page.

Flot chart

Comments (3)

  1. I totally love the new chart! I actually took one of those surveys and my only complaint was that it was hard to hover the chart dots and get a response. So much better now.


  2. Don Reba says:

    Statistics became much more readable. Now, if only you stopped using that variable-width font for source code…

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