Open Source Club continues to focus on Rawr for April

Since I announced Rawr as the project of the month after nearly a week went by in March, we decided to make Rawr ( the project for April. And I have to be honest that I haven’t carved out the time that I’ve wanted to work on the project. But this week will be different! I’ve just made a public commitment =D

Additionally, I’m still brainstorming ways of tracking interest and participation. Maybe people could comment to this blog post whether they are interested in the project or how they’ve contributed?

Also, thanks to those who have submitted a project nomination. You can nominate any OSI-licensed project by contacting me at saraf at microsoft dot com.

Comments (4)

  1. Ben Fulton says:

    I downloaded the code and poked around with it for a bit.  But I’ve never played WoW so I didn’t really grok what it was trying to do, and never followed up with it any further.

  2. J.R. Garcia says:

    It would be nice if you linked to the project. I know that it is easy to search for on Codeplex, but it would just be that much easier to include a link.

  3. Joel says:

    I’ve been promising to myself that I’d start contributing to Rawr, but WoW keeps getting in the way!

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