New Custom Field in the Issue Tracker

We deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software on Friday, Feb 6. Work items in the issue tracker now have a custom field where you can add or edit whatever text you want, in case you need additional fields not already supported. You can search for your Custom field text in both the basic and advance views.

Custom Work Item Tracker Field

Behind the scenes, we focused on miscellaneous fit and finish work to some of the new features that came out late last year.

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  1. SledDog says:

    This is terrible!  The latest version automatically upgraded my terminals.  I expect to have the option!

    – It wiped out all my existing connections

    – The whole things seems choppier

    – I cannot get the former menu bar to show up

    – Hovering over a tab flickers like crazy

    – I cannot stand the collapsing side bar on the left popping out duing a mouse-over.

  2. saraford says:

    @SledDog I think you are referring to one of the projects hosted on CodePlex. We support only the CodePlex site itself. You can try reporting your issues to the project’s discussion tab or the issue tracker tab.



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