CodePlex now supports Silverlight

Yesterday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software with support for

Silverlight logo

As a project owner, you can now put a Silverlight app on your project pages. The wiki markup is


Special thanks to Justin Angel (Silverlight Toolkit) and John Stockton (Session Scheduler) for their assistance in creating Silverlight apps to host on their projects to help get the word out.


Silverlight Control Toolkit hosting a Silverlight app on their codeplex homepage


silverlight app running on Session Schedule project on CodePlex

Wiki comment improvements 

Also included in this release are improvements to the wiki comments. No more random comments on the homepage, but you can still leave comments on all other wiki pages.

In addition, you can now view all new comments across all wiki pages in a single place. Go to the Change History link for the wiki pages, and in the upper-right you’ll see the Latest Comments link. 

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  1. Mark Heath says:

    This is great news. Only just noticed this. I’m using it for my SilverNibbles game now. Is it possible the XAP file on CodePlex itself or do you have to use your own webspace?

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