CodePlex Goes Less Green for the Holidays with a New Look

Despite an unusual amount of snow wreaking havoc across Seattle and no one able to make it to the office, we were still able to deploy the latest version of the CodePlex software on Thursday, Dec 18, 2008, our last deployment of the year.

New look

Just go to or any non-project page to check out the new look.

New CodePlex look and feel

Personal Project URLs for projects

We’re introducing a shorter, more personal URL for projects, where your project name comes first, in the form of <projectname> You can now do alongside

Note that you’ll still see us use the longer format throughout the site right now. We have plans to switch over to the new version in upcoming releases.

Bookmark source code files once again

Using the new source control browser, you can once again bookmark specific files.

Issue Tracker performance updates

We’ve done some work to improve the performance of the issue tracker. We’re hoping you will notice the difference.

Increased File Sizes for Releases

You can now attached files of 250mb in a release.

And snow!

Okay, we’re not really responsible for this one. Across the water is Seattle, but even on a non-snow day, you couldn’t see the city anyways =D

Snow on the Eastside looking across at Seattle

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  1. I start used open source hosting web site form 2005 and my first (o.s.) project (Command Line Parser Lib) was published here.

    Each year (or less this site is getting even better about look and features).

    But there’s one think I don’t like (but I think this thing will not change because has political-commercial implications) the use custom tools/protocols to manage source code versioning (history teaches us that open architecture gain over proprietary): this is why I prefer (for now) attach zipped source tree to each release.

    I don’t like proprietary techs like the one behind the source management system of codeplex (I think it’s the V.S.Team Foundation Protocol). OK leave it exactly where it is but don’t let people work with svn in bridged mode! —> Give people a real SVN access… And another thing leave TAGs – this is an useful thing – but please add real categories like other sites of this kind…

    For the rest,  I love this site!!! 🙂

  2. John says:

    I like the new look!  Keep up the great work.

  3. koyama says:

    CodePlex is the only site I know of changing look every few months. Too frequent changes makes users uncomfortable with the site.

    Not sure why the look and feel of the project directory is getting so much attention. It is barely needed at all! Most of the utilities you are offering are redundant. There is actually already a way to bookmark a page using ones browser! I’d prefer that you concentrate more on improving the environment within the single project.

    Congratulations with the performance improvements for the issue tracker. Still, site is generally much too slow, navigation is far from seamless. But good start. Keep on optimizing.

  4. Hartvig says:

    Great stuff – thanks for this special holiday treat. The performance enhancements in the Issue tracker is very obvious!

  5. Marco Ragogna says:

    Personally I like the new style a lot, much more than the previous one! Nice work

  6. saraford says:

    @koyama Thanks for the feedback. I want to clarify that we’ve changed the overall look of the site only once since 2007. Since we do agile development (we deploy every 3 weeks) we’ve had to implement small changes to the site’s look slowly over the past 3-6 months. We went with the project pages first, then project directory, and lastly the codeplex homepage. Every time we update the site, we make an announcement about the changes, but all changes have been towards this single new look.

    If you have any suggestions for features or issues to be fixed within the single project, feel free to contact me directly or vote/open items in the CodePlex issue tracker.

  7. Hey Gang ~ You should have been over here (West Seattle) driving in it!  Knew that tow strap would come in handy 😉

  8. Jim Parshall says:

    Great job on the new look and it looks very nice.

    You folks really do the .net community well. Thanks!

    Oh, and I was stuck in some of that lovely snow too though most of the time I was home in Cupertino. But, the time I was in Redmond was whoa nelly slippy!

    Later, Jim

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