Latest features: Source Control Browser and New Project Directory Search

We just finished deploying the latest version of the CodePlex software today.

Project Directory Search

The Project Directory has a new search UI. Highlights include drilling down on search results either on the tag or the release development status…

simple search UI

searching based on a release’s development status in the advanced search…

Advanced Search Development Status

and the ability to search by license(s) in the advanced search.

Advanced Search License selection

Source Code Browser

We also released the source code browser that can be found in the Source Code tab.

xunit project - source code browser

Happy CodePlex’ing!

Comments (6)

  1. Very Cool! I like the source code browser.

  2. Madhur says:

    Source code is browser is indeed cool …

  3. The new source code browser is awesome. I just have a request: could you visualize *.snippet files as XML instead of plain text?

  4. Really Nice Features.

    Unfortunately while searching for WCF Rest starter kit, i haven’t get any results in CodePlex search. I had used search word ‘WCF REST Starter kit’ now in CodePlex. Even after changing the search words, haven’t find any relevant results.

    Using Search Engine only found the link as

  5. I like the new AJAX browser – thanks! Is there any possibility that in the future you could support deep linking?

    I like to be able to point users to specific source files from a changeset.

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