Latest features: Source Control Browser and New Project Directory Search

We just finished deploying the latest version of the CodePlex software today. Project Directory Search The Project Directory has a new search UI. Highlights include drilling down on search results either on the tag or the release development status… searching based on a release’s development status in the advanced search… and the ability to search…


30 Second Survey: Email Notifications for Work Items Updates

We are working on a new CodePlex feature to allow email notifications for work items updates and we would like your input! When you subscribe to receive email updates for an issue (bug or feature request), what would you want to be notified of? Take the Survey at Thanks!


PDC 2008 Trip Report

update 2 dec 2008: The Town Hall video can be found at  PDC 2008 was the first time we had a CodePlex-branded booth, and it was the first time we did a CodePlex Town Hall. I was very happy with how the CodePlex Town Hall turned out. I had never conducted a “town hall” before,…