CodePlex session at ReMix08 in Brighton, England

Update 24 Sept 2008: Slides are now posted. Sorry for the delay. 

Last week, I spoke at the Microsoft ReMix08 UK conference in Brighton, England on CodePlex and on Visual Studio Tips and Tricks. You can read more about the conference overall, the extensive jet lag, and the VS Tips talks on my blog.

I did a 1 hour presentation on CodePlex covering

  • Why we built CodePlex

  • Demo of CodePlex features and the new SVN client support

  • How we build CodePlex using agile

Slides are attached at the bottom of this post.

My little camera couldn’t handle the lighting in the Community Room, as this photo doesn’t capture the pure awesomeness of the room. (yes, people could see me. I just couldn’t see them.)

CodePlex presentation in community room

Demo'ing CodePlex

After the conference, Dave Sussman and Phil Winstanley, the two Community Room track owners I have to thank for inviting me to England, another attendee whose name I can’t recall (i really need to write stuff down), and Travis Leithead (from IE team whose blog i can’t find) went down to the beach in Brighton for Ice Cream. Thanks Travis for taking the photo!

Sara Ford, Dave Sussman, Phil Winstanley, and an attendee whose name i didn't write down =(

Below is the CodePlex flag at Big Ben. I’m having way too much fun taking this flag around the world with me. Thanks to Scott Guthrie for taking the photo!

CodePlex flag at Big Ben in london


Comments (3)

  1. jnagy says:

    I am sorry, but I can’t find the attached slides…

  2. Sandy K says:

    As part of the original CodePlex team, I love seeing the flag in all parts of the world.  All part of the original plan of world domination, right? 🙂

    The site keeps getting better and better and you guys are doing a tremendous job.  Sara, it’s great to see the spirit you’ve brought to the team.  If you ever take the banner to the Great Wall or the Taj Mahal, I want an autographed copy of the picture…


  3. saraford says:

    @jnagy: sorry about that. got distracted between publishing the post and uploading the slides. They are now posted at

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