Test drive the new CodePlex at our upcoming usability study!

Update 2 Sept 2008: The feedback reimbursement is now 100 dollars. Also, the correct dates are Sept 16 thru 18, not the 19th.

We will be conducting usability studies in Redmond, Washington for our upcoming versions of CodePlex and are looking for people with varying levels of involvement in CodePlex -- from downloading code to coordinating multiple projects -- to participate in a one hour usability study. Your feedback will help us create a better CodePlex site. 

The sessions will be held Sep 16 - Sep 18 in Redmond, WA (near Seattle), and you'll receive $100 for your feedback plus transportation reimbursement of 10 dollars.

Interested in participating?  Contact us and include your:

  • Name

  • CodePlex username (if you have one)

  • Phone number where we can contact you to schedule a time.


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