CodePlex Syntax Highlighting

As Sara already mentioned, we added syntax highlighting to CodePlex on Monday. To be specific, we added syntax highlighting to the source code browser. We intend to add it to the Wiki as well, in the near future.

Currently, we support the follow programming languages and file extensions:

  • C# (.cs)
  • VB.NET (.vb)
  • SQL (.sql)
  • HTML (.html)
  • JavsScript (.js) *
  • ASPX with C# and ASPX with VB.NET (.aspx, .ascx)
  • XML (.xml)

* We also style JavaScript embedded in HTML and ASPX files

We plan to add more languages based on your requests. Please create an issue in the CodePlex Issue Tracker to request syntax highlighting for additional languages, or to report any problems you find with the current languages.

Comments (9)
  1. Haacked says:

    What did you use for your source highlighting? If you rolled your own, are you gonna release it as open source? I’d love to see the source code highlighting code highlighting itself. 🙂

  2. Ruben says:

    Hi, the CodePlex contact form is broken: I cannot insert any message, both with Internet Explorer and FireFox. I keep getting:

    "The message must be between 10 and 2000 characters"

    My message is 300 characters. Is there another way to contact you?

  3. drewmiller says:


    Yes, we developed our own library for styling source code. And yes, we intend to release it as an open source project on CodePlex. I’ll get it out there as soon as I can.

  4. drewmiller says:


    I’m able to use the Contact Us form from both Safari and Firefox on Mac. I don’t have access to a Windows box at the moment, but I forwarded your problem to the team to look at.

    Other ways to contact us are the Discussion area ( and the Issue Tracker ( Of course, these are viewable by everyone unlike the Contact us form.

  5. drewmiller says:


    Our Test team did find a bug with the Contact Us form. It has been fixed. I’m sorry for the trouble.

  6. Has this been added as a project on codeplex?

  7. drewmiller says:

    Yes. The project is at

  8. Gayan says:

    Why don't you provide any documentation or example code ?? because we also interesting but don't know how to use the control (ColorCode).

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