Introducing Code Syntax Highlighting Support for Browsing (9 June 2008 Deployment)

Yesterday, we deployed our latest feature – support for Code Syntax Highlighting.

Support for Syntax Highlighting was our 2nd most requested feature with 113 votes.  For languages not yet supported, please open an issue in our Issue Tracker (and definitely vote if it is already opened!)

When you browse source files checked in under the Source Control tab, you’ll get syntax highlighting.

AJAX Control Toolkit 

Screenshot taken from AJAX Control Toolkit

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  1. As Sara already mentioned , we added syntax highlighting to CodePlex on Monday. To be specific, we added

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  3. 开源新闻 says:

    It seems like only recently, but is has been two years since we launched CodePlex . We launched this

  4. 原文地址: CodePlex celebrates its 2nd birthday! 原文发表时间: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 9:31 PM 虽然发布时的情景还列列在目

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