Removal of “Sandcastle” Project

Over the past 24 hours, it was brought to our attention that one of the Microsoft projects hosted on CodePlex did not publish its source code.  As a result, we removed the project.  We’re working with the project owner to find the right release avenue for this project.

Thanks for your understanding.  Please feel free to contact me ( directly regarding any questions.

Comments (13)

  1. Sandcastle says:

    We have removed Sandcastle project from Codeplex after carefully evaluating the feedback from this thread

  2. Anon says:

    So code publishing is a requirement for CodePlex? What happens to other projects without source code?

  3. saraford says:

    any project that doesn’t provide their sources is unpublished and the project owner is asked to either provide the sources or move to a new hosting location.

  4. Haacked says:

    What if the source is provided, but it’s not an OSI approved license?

  5. gklbiti says:

    I became to know this project this Friday. I was trying to find a successor of Ndoc. It wad a bit sad for me that the Ndoc was not continued after the year 2004. Luckily i find Sandcastle at last.But Unfortunately the source code was not there, so another hurt came.I’ve sawn a lot of guys have expressed their sad and anger on the Project’s talk. The project is really cool, i love it.

  6. saraford says:

    we review custom license requests on a case-by-case basis.

  7. PJonDevelopment says:

    It’s really sad to know that SandCastle was removed from CodePlex.

    I’ve contacted Eric Woodruf and he was kind enough to send me the May 2008 release of SandCastle.

    If anyone needs it I’ve mirrored it here:


    Paulo Santos

  8. Duncan Bayne says:

    Thanks – I’ve also made it available here:

    I don’t think it’s sad that it’s been removed from CodePlex though – I think it’s good for CodePlex, good for OSS in general, good for Microsoft’s reputation and ultimately will be good for Sandcastle (as it will clarify whether Sandcastle is closed or open source, and if the latter may expedite the source release).

  9. CodePlex is Microsoft’s open-source hosting web-site. I support the decision made..

  10. Justin Chase says:

    What if the source code is provided but it is hosted elsewhere? Meaning the codeplex site is the main "hub" for discussiosn and feature requests and wikis but the actual source is hosted elsewhere (non TFS for example)?

  11. saraford says:

    We require sources to be provided on CodePlex, either on the Source Control tab or the Releases tab.  Since you mention non-TFS, have you seen our SvnBridge (  This will allow you to use TortoiseSVN with TFS.  Also, we have support for Teamprise (  

  12. CoqBlog says:

    Si vous avez tenter d’obtenir les binaires de Sandcastle ces derniers temps, vous aurez sans doute remarqué

  13. Justin Chase says:

    Well we will be sure to make sure the source code is available for download on the releases tab at the very least.

    I have seen the SVN bridge, personally I really like TFS and would much rather use it 99% of the time but the guys who started the project I am referring to have opted to use github for this project (which of course has no work items or wikis or discussion forums). Personally I rather like TFS and wish we were using that but I just wanted to be sure we were inline with the CodePlex agreements!

    Thanks for doing a great job (though that ugly green color could sure go away)!

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