Introducing the Telerik RadEditor for CodePlex Project Discussions (9 May 2008 Deployment)

On Friday, we released the latest version of the CodePlex software featuring the Telerik RadEditor on the Project Discussion pages.

Telerik RadEditor in the Discussions

The RadEditor features include: font choice, font size, font style, bullet points and numbering, indent, outdent, horizontal rule, hyperlinks, and spell check.  More information is available in our Telerik RadEditor Overview.

Please note that all wiki discussion board content prior to the upgrade has been migrated to the new format.

Comments (3)

  1. Cool, the wiki markup was not really understandable before 😉

  2. Paul Selormey says:

    Most of us were more productive and faster with the old wiki stuff. It might be cooler if you can give us the choice in the preferences.

    Best regards,


  3. Jay Beavers says:

    Did this change cause me to lose the "make a work item out of this discussion" feature?  I used that link quite a bit.

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