Introducing the CodePlex Projects Stats Pages (10 March 2008 Deployment)

Yesterday, we deployed our latest CodePlex feature – Project Stats Pages.  These project stats pages provide details for downloads, page views, visits, and referrals over the project lifetime.  Additionally, the project’s stats can be viewed in weekly, monthly, and yearly segments.  Visit any CodePlex project to check out the new stats pages, or go to the Stats FAQ for more information.


We display the stats data using the Telerik RadChart, and we obtain page views, visits, and referrals from WebTrends.


Breakdown of stats available for each project:

·         Downloads - downloads includes all publicly available releases, source code changesets, and wiki attachments

·         Page Views - page views indicate the total number of views on any page on the project

·         Visits - a visit is a series of one or more page views from the same browser within a short timeframe

·         Referrals – the list of referring sites


For example, using the xUnit project, here’s what the stats look like for the month of February.  In the graph below, there were 273 page views on Feb 15, 2008.


xUnit Stats for February


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