CodePlex / DotNetNuke Partnership in DotNetNuke Forge

The CodePlex team is proud to announce our partnership with the DotNetNuke corporation for their DotNetNuke Forge launch.  The DotNetNuke Forge is a premier destination for open source collaboration on the DotNetNuke platform, with CodePlex as the project hosting site.   You can read more about the launch in the DotNetNuke Forge press release
Start by browsing the current list of projects in the DotNetNuke Forge Directory.  If you want to join, or already have a CodePlex project for DotNetNuke you want added, check out the FAQ at the bottom.

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  1. James Butterworth says:

    This partnership looks like a really good thing. DotNetNuke is a really good piece of software, i use it on my company Intranet, i run a small PC Repair business in the UK.

    I certainly hope this will bring more goodness in the future. CodePlex really impress me, i am all for open source, as if it wasn’t for Open Source software, running my company would be so much more expensive. The open source movement means i can improve on software for my company’s use, and fix any bugs.

    Good Luck!

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