CodePlex Goes Less Green for the Holidays with a New Look

Despite an unusual amount of snow wreaking havoc across Seattle and no one able to make it to the office, we were still able to deploy the latest version of the CodePlex software on Thursday, Dec 18, 2008, our last deployment of the year. New look Just go to or any non-project page to…


CodePlex TFS Servers Downtime Notification for 18 Dec 2008

All CodePlex TFS Servers will be unavailable on Thursday, 18 Dec 2008, starting at 6pm PST for network hardware upgrades. We expect the servers to be back up by midnight PST. The CodePlex website itself will stay online during this time, although the Issue Tracker and Source Code tabs will not be able to provide…

CodePlex in Denmark and Sweden

Last week, I spoke at the Engineering Excellence / Trustworthy Computing Forum to Microsoft employees at the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen about CodePlex. I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing the CodePlex banner with me whenever I travel, so here are a few shots from the trip. CodePlex outside the main entrance of the MDCC…

Video from CodePlex Town Hall meeting at PDC now available on Channel 9

As mentioned previously from my PDC 2008 trip report, we had our first CodePlex Town Hall meeting. The video is at Thanks to Dan over at Channel 9 for filming and posting the video! And thanks again to Tamir Khason, Kevin Dostalek, and Joseph Guadagno for doing the demos!

Latest features: Source Control Browser and New Project Directory Search

We just finished deploying the latest version of the CodePlex software today. Project Directory Search The Project Directory has a new search UI. Highlights include drilling down on search results either on the tag or the release development status… searching based on a release’s development status in the advanced search… and the ability to search…


30 Second Survey: Email Notifications for Work Items Updates

We are working on a new CodePlex feature to allow email notifications for work items updates and we would like your input! When you subscribe to receive email updates for an issue (bug or feature request), what would you want to be notified of? Take the Survey at Thanks!


PDC 2008 Trip Report

update 2 dec 2008: The Town Hall video can be found at  PDC 2008 was the first time we had a CodePlex-branded booth, and it was the first time we did a CodePlex Town Hall. I was very happy with how the CodePlex Town Hall turned out. I had never conducted a “town hall” before,…


Introducing the Release Development Status field, and other new features

Today was another deployment day for us. This release of the CodePlex software introduces some new, small features across the board, along with some general bug fixes. Release Development Status Project coordinators can now label their releases in their development stages: Planning, Alpha, Beta or Stable, to help users decide which release best suits their…


CodePlex Community Meetup at PDC: Weds from 1:30pm – 2:30pm in Channel 9 lounge area

Want to showcase your CodePlex project or your favorite CodePlex project at PDC? Channel 9 and CodePlex are sponsoring a CodePlex Community Meetup  in the Channel 9 lounge area. We’re looking for volunteers to give 5 minute demos of their projects or how they are using their favorite projects. After the demos, the CodePlex team…


Check out the New Look for CodePlex Projects

Starting in today’s deployment, your project’s logo and title are now the focus on your CodePlex project pages. We’ve seen requested for more individual branding for CodePlex project, especially when green isn’t the desired primary color for their project pages. We’ve moved the CodePlex banner over to the right, using a neutral gray color, and…