CodePlex Client June 2007 Release

We've finished adding patch support for CodePlex Client, and have therefore made our first official release (June 2007).

You can download it here. In addition to supporting patch, this release is the first to be offered as stand-alone single executables (cpc.exe/tfc.exe) without any DLL dependencies. If you are using an older version of CodePlex Client, you should remove all the executables and DLLs before updating to the June 2007 Release.

In addition to releasing the client, we've written some instructions on how to use the patch features to contribute (and accept contributions) on CodePlex projects.

The CodePlex Client team is going to be on a bit of a hiatus. If there are show-stopper bugs we'll get them fixed ASAP, but there will be no new feature development for a while. We are hoping that now that patch is ready, we'll be able to take community contributions. If you'd like to contribute, please contact me.

Comments (3)

  1. Simone says:

    The new release doesn’t have a default config file any more

  2. bradwils says:

    There are a four reasons I did this.

    1. There are "sensible" default values for most everything that you found in the config file.

    2. Since Beta 2, you’ve been able to set the configuration values via environment variables, which I think is probably a better answer for most people.

    3. With the stand-alone builds now, all you have to take with you is the single EXE file.

    4. I didn’t want people unzipping new versions to accidentally overwrite their hand-tweaked configuration file.

    You can continue to use your existing config file if you want. I updated the Wiki describing the format of a config file in case someone wants to make one and has never had one.

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