April 24 Deployment

We have 110 user votes covered in this deployment, plus a whole bucket-full of tweaks, bug fixes, and little improvements. Here are a few of the changes:

  • The default font for the site is now Segoe UI. I think it looks much more streamlined as a result. (Segoe UI ships with Vista and Office 2007. We fall back to some more common fonts if you don't have it.)
  • The license editor now offers a drop-down list with 10 popular choices (including 2 Microsoft Shared Source licenses). A "custom license" choice is still available, though I suspect that those 10 license will easily cover 95% of the license choices people make. No more copy & paste! 🙂
  • We replaced the "Similar Projects" box (with it's not so great algorithm) with a "Related Projects" box. Coordinators can now explicitly choose which projects should be shown in this box.
  • The releases page got some visual tweaks (a key for the work item icons, some nicer graphics for files, etc.)
  • The individual people pages (f.e., mine) got some working over, including an activity tracker that shows you the things that person has done in the last 60 days.
  • Issue Tracker advanced view got memory! It will remember your last few keyword searches now.
  • The Source Control tab now contains information about the 3 predominant source control clients (visible to developers and coordinators).

Comments (3)

  1. Simon says:

    Regarding licenses. the GNU Library General Public License has been succeeded by the GNU Lesser General Public License.

  2. bradwils says:

    Thanks, I’ll take a look at it.

  3. perb says:

    I can’t find the "Custom license" in the dropdown, how do I select it ?

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