February 20th Deployment

As Jim has already reported, votes had a huge impact on the work we did in our recent February 20th deployment. We addressed 220 customer votes worth of feature and bug requests with this deployment. Even though the deployment was just a few days ago, we're already almost done with development for the March 13th deployment, as we run about 2 weeks ahead.

My favorite is the new contact page for users. You can leave a personalized message for others, and allow them to contact you via e-mail (don't worry, your e-mail address is not shown publicly). My public profile page is here. We have a lot of future plans for this page, and of course we'd like to hear your ideas on the kinds of things users should be able to have on their own personal profle page, as well as the public profile page.

As always, you can find our deployment history on our wiki. We really appreciate all the feedback you give us, so keep it coming!


Comments (3)

  1. Zack says:

    Can you guys post the bugs and features you are adding before the build is put out there?

  2. bradwils says:

    I’ll bring it up at our next iteration planning meeting on Tuesday. 🙂

  3. jamesnewkirk says:

    Once we deploy on March 13, 2007 the CodePlex project will be using the Releases section on the web-site to describe the work items for each deployment. This will include information on the upcoming deployment as well.  

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