Accepting all projects!

We are pleased to announce that any registered user can now immediately start a new project!

This was actually one of the changes in our new version of CodePlex released on January 30th.  Creating a new project can now be done by any registered user and your project is ready in only a few minutes so you can get started right away.  We have finished adding all the necessary infrastructure to the site that allows us to handle all the projects our users want to create.  So if you have been thinking about starting a new project on CodePlex, go to our Create Project page to start your project:

Creating a project on CodePlex has three requirements:

  1. Your project must release the source code

  2. Your project must have an open source style license

  3. Your project must be ongoing (no abandoned projects)

Comments (1)

  1. Apparently since the released version of CodePlex on the 30th January it is possible for all registered

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