New CodePlex Version!

I know this is a few days late, but as of Jan 30th we are running a new version of CodePlex!

Some of the highlight features are:

  • Source code browsing on the website

  • Lots of improvements to discussions

  • More granular RSS feeds for projects

More importantly, the features we added have addressed 143 user votes!  Thanks to everyone for telling us what is important to you.  Don't forget to keep voting, because we need to know what you want in the upcoming versions:

Your votes really make a difference because we launch a new CodePlex version every three weeks so you can make a difference in just weeks, not months or years.  If there is a feature you really want, feel free to campaign for votes!  Post about it, blog about it, link to it on your website!

Here is more information about the latest version:

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  1. Buck Hodges says:

    The CodePlex team has posted about the latest update to CodePlex and encourage you to vote on what you’d

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