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We are doing launches of the CodePlex application every three weeks or so. Today's launch includes some improved RSS functionality, including a site-wide RSS feed which provides daily statistics and live updates on new projects added to the site. It also contains a few bug fixes; the most visible one is that Wiki updates render into the RSS feed as HTML instead of raw Wiki text (for all Wiki updates going forward). Yeah, I know, that one bugged me, too. 🙂

We consider RSS a very important feature of the site. While we use e-mail for registration confirmation, we rely on RSS as our primary communication channel with the outside world. We like that RSS is an opt-in to get information about the site and about specific projects that you're interested in. Because this is a key communication channel from us to you, we want to make sure you get the most out of it that we can offer.

What changes and improvements would you make to the RSS provided by CodePlex?

Comments (3)

  1. kierepka says:

    It is nice! I’m RSS maniac 🙂

    Ok – it would be nice if you can develop RSS for source code changes for one project, especially because alerts in TFS not working (yet?) 🙂

  2. Sam Judsn says:

    I find the wiki updates being included in the RSS feed for a project to be a little overkill sometimes, especially as there is not way to create a first instance of a page being created without two ‘rss actions’ (the page create as a bank page, and the edit as a seperate item).

    Perhaps seperate rss feeds for forum, or issue tracker, or allow a project to include/exlude sections in their own rss feed.

  3. Jesus Bosch says:

    Is there specific project RSS availability in codeplex?

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