Localized String Lengths and UI Design

Creating a UI design with right button widths and field lengths are quite challenging when you consider using image spriting techniques. When I was designing a page I would go to www.microsofttranslator.com and use it to translate words to see if everything works as expected. However, I had to do it for multiple languages which…


Phidgets – More cool and fun weekend projects

Here are some of my favorite cool phidgets based projects. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/coding4fun/archive/2007/12/23/1230660.aspx – Animated Musical Holiday Light Show – Version 2.0 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/coding4fun/archive/2007/01/22/1507304.aspx – Computer-Controlled R/C Car with Camera http://blogs.msdn.com/b/coding4fun/archive/2010/01/18/9950111.aspx – WIFI Warthogs Have fun and keep building Thanks RV

Controlling Phidgets using WCF Services

After the initial development of Mopbot using phidgets I was having lot of reliability issues. Specially got PhidgetException about “Phidget not physically attached" or sometimes the motors got stuck because the program could not reset them. I also saw huge difference between running in debug mode in Visual Studio vs running the application itself. After…

Mopbot based on Phidgets

Lately I have been trying to create a robot with a specific purpose to mop our hardwood flooring. After some initial research I ended up selecting Phidgets controllers which give me independent access to specific controllers motors, switches, sensors etc. The downside is that I need to have some dedicated PC to control them. After…

TAM v3.0 beta is live!

A new version of threat analysis and modeling tool has been released. This version has significant improvements from previous version as identified in previous posts. You can find more information on the download link and bugs link from TAM 3.0 Beta is Now Live!. Thanks RV

Connection String Injection Attack

Today I was looking at some new classes in .NET 2.0 and stumbled across DbConnectionStringBuilder class. This class provides compile time checks around building connection strings with user input. If you are constructing connection string dynamically by accepting server name from the  user you could be vulnerable to this attack. Here is an example on…

AJAX approach to localizing Date Time

I am pretty confident most of you people out there have developed web applications for global use which display date time according to the user’s local time zone. Although it is possible to do this on the server side, it is very efficient and easy to do this on the client side specially on the…

System.Security.SecureString Part II

Second part of the SecreString blog post. Check it out at http://blogs.msdn.com/cisg/archive/2008/12/17/secure-string-in-net-part-ii.aspx. Thanks RV

How the Anti-XSS 3.0 SRE Works

Published a new blog on how SRE works internally. Kind of a starter course on Anti-XSS SRE code. Check it out at How the Anti-XSS 3.0 SRE Works. Thanks RV

Anti-XSS Webcast

On January 9th there will be a webcast on technet about Anti-XSS v3.0. This will showcase some of the improvements done to the Anti-XSS library. The webcast registration url is http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032398771&Culture=en-US. Thanks RV