Phidgets – More cool and fun weekend projects

Here are some of my favorite cool phidgets based projects. – Animated Musical Holiday Light Show – Version 2.0 – Computer-Controlled R/C Car with Camera – WIFI Warthogs Have fun and keep building Thanks RV


Controlling Phidgets using WCF Services

After the initial development of Mopbot using phidgets I was having lot of reliability issues. Specially got PhidgetException about “Phidget not physically attached" or sometimes the motors got stuck because the program could not reset them. I also saw huge difference between running in debug mode in Visual Studio vs running the application itself. After…


Mopbot based on Phidgets

Lately I have been trying to create a robot with a specific purpose to mop our hardwood flooring. After some initial research I ended up selecting Phidgets controllers which give me independent access to specific controllers motors, switches, sensors etc. The downside is that I need to have some dedicated PC to control them. After…


Bluetooth Device Development using C#

As they say Necessity is mother of invention, I recently got a Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth headset. I paired it to my Windows Mobile phone. When I wanted to turn on the Bluetooth, I had to go to wireless manager and turn it on. I am a little bit lazy and had an idea why not…


Volume Control using Phidgets Sensors offers USB sensors which can be controlled by .NET. They also offer the interface kit with which you can use the sensor. You can get variety of sensors like vibration, light, IR, voltage, temperature, PH, rotation etc. For this blog entry I have bought a Phidget Interface kit with LCD attachment. This kit has…