Anti-XSS vNext – Web Protection Library

Want to know more when you can get your hands on the next version of Anti-XSS library, check out this blog about our upcoming CTP release of Web Protection Library. Thanks Anil

How to Detect and avoid memory Leaks in .NET applications?

Here is an excellent MSDN article on how to detect and avoid memory leaks in .NET applications. A must read for Sr. Developers and Testers. Thanks Anil

Anti-XSS Library v3.1 is now Live!

You can now download the new version of Anti-XSS library v3.1 from Download Center. For more details check this blog post. Thanks Anil

HTML Sanitization using Anti-XSS Library

Now you can filter (sanitize) HTML using Anti-XSS library v3.1 features. More information can be found at Thanks RV

Cascading Style Sheet Strings Encoding

I recently blogged about encoding cascading style sheet strings. A new feature is being added to the next version of Web Protection Library (anti-xss library). Thanks Anil RV


LDAP Injection and Mitigation

Yesterday I posted a blog entry on our team blog about LDAP Injection and how to mitigate it using the next version of WPL. You can find it here. Thanks RV

Understanding SDL-LOB Blog Series

My colleague Anmol has done it again, he has posted more blog entries on specific phases of Security Development Lifecycle for Line-of-Business (SDL-LOB)applications. These posts give you more details on what are the action items in specific phase and associated tools, checklists etc. Blog Series- Get Familiar with the SDL-LOB Process, Introduction to Phase 1-…

Security Guidance and Threat Modeling

I just posted a blog entry on the main drivers behind CTL in TAM v3.0. You can check it out at IST blog site. Thanks RV

OWASP Seattle Chapter Talk on Anti-XSS

Two weeks from now on August 11th in Bellevue I am going to talk about Anti-XSS Library. Talk is not only about the new features but also about the internal workings on Anti-XSS and some tidbits on our new WPL internals. Its going to be in the evening at 6:30 pm in Bellevue Las Margaritas….

TAM v3.0 beta is live!

A new version of threat analysis and modeling tool has been released. This version has significant improvements from previous version as identified in previous posts. You can find more information on the download link and bugs link from TAM 3.0 Beta is Now Live!. Thanks RV