[Sample Of June 18th] How to use blob snapshots to restore a blob storage in Microsoft Azure


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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/How-to-use-blob-snapshots-b7b45eac

A snapshot of a blob has the same name as the base blob from which the snapshot is taken, with a Date Time value appended to indicate the time at which the snapshot was taken. For example, if the page blob URI is http://storagesample.core.blob.windows.net/mydrives/myvhd, the snapshot URI will be similar to http://storagesample.core.blob.windows.net/mydrives/myvhd?snapshot=!2011-03-09T01:42:34.9360000Z. This value may be used to reference the snapshot for further operations. A blob's snapshots share its URI and are distinguished only by this Date Time value. In client library code, the blob's Snapshot property returns a Date Time value that uniquely identifies the snapshot relative to its base blob. You can use this value to perform further operations on the snapshot.

Once a snapshot has been created, it can be read, copied, or deleted, but not modified. Snapshots provide a way to back up a blob as it appears at a moment in time.

This code snippet shows how to use a snapshot of blob to restore a blob storage.

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