[Sample Of Apr 20th] How to Get Inbox Rules in Office 365


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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/How-to-Get-Inbox-Rules-in-98bc6d45

Currently, most of you manage email messages by inbox rules. Especially, when you become an owner of a shared mailbox, you find the former owner created a lot of inbox rules to manage email messages efficiently. But you need to modify these inbox rules to meet the new business needs. Before changing these inbox rules, you want to find a solution to document these inbox rules in case something goes wrong. But you don't have an out-of-box solution.

In this application, we will demonstrate how to get Inbox rules in Office 365:

1. Get the accounts that users input

2. Set the ImpersonatedUserId property if the login account has the impersonation permission.

3. Get Inbox rules of the accounts. 

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