[Sample Of Dec 3rd] How to create a soft keyboard in Windows Forms Application


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Sample Download :

CS Version: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CSSoftKeyboard-0a86f914

VB Version: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/VBSoftKeyboard-161d92d7

The sample demonstrates how to create a soft keyboard. It has the following features

1. It will not get focus when a key button clicked.

2. If the user presses the left mouse button within its nonclient area(such as the  title bar), it will be activated. When the left mouse button is released, it will activate the previous foreground Window.

3 When user clicks a charactor on it, like "A" or "1", it will send the key to the active application.

4 It supports special keys, like "WinKey" "Delete".

5 It supports the combination of keys, like "Ctrl+C".

NOTE: Ctrl+Alt+Del is not supported as it will cause security issue.

Following is the screenshot:


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