[Sample Of Nov 5th] How to obtain and display the security descriptor for various Kernel Objects in Windows


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Sample Download :  http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CppCheckSD-6bac6d3a

The sample demonstrates how to obtain and display the security descriptor for various Kernel Objects in Windows.  The sample by default only obtains the  Access Allowed Aces (DACLs) and NOT the System Audit Acess (SACLs) although Integrity Aces are SACLs so these will be displayed as well.  By default the Security Descriptor is displayed in Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) format.  There is a switch to get more detailed information on the security descriptor.

 You can obtain the security descriptor for the following kernel objects:

    * mailslot
    * service control manager
    * directory
    * event
    * file
    * thread
    * memory mapped file
    * job object
    * desktop
    * printer
    * mutex
    * named pipe
    * process access token
    * process
    * registry key
    * sempahore
    * network share
    * service
    * window station

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