[Sample Of May 1st] Retrieve office 365 user details and give permission thru c# using EWS and PowerShell


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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Retrieve-office-365-user-63e054ad#content

Office 365 Delegates Tool has been developed to help Office 365 Exchange administrators to perform get mailbox and the calendar delegate task for the mailboxes in the cloud. Also developers and IT Professional will get benefit out of the sample.

The tool can be used to:

  •  Find existing distribution list members.
  •  Allow others to manage your mailbox and calendar by giving delegate permission.
  •  List delegate permission.
  •  Remove delegate permission.
  •  Modify delegate permission level.
  •  Grant & Revoke "Full Mailbox" and "Send As" Permission.
  •  Run various Office 365 PowerShell commands to retrieve user/mailbox details.
  •  It is provisioned to get LDP dump of the on-premise user through PowerShell.

As the tool can be used to perform the task that can be done with other application and thru manual PowerShell, but with less effort, it is named as Office 365 Delegates.


This cool code sample is contributed by Suresh Kumar Kanniappan.

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