[Sample Of Apr 18th] How to use DataAdapter to retrieve and update the data


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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/How-to-use-DataAdapter-to-e1cd35c1


We can use DataAdapter to retrieve and update the data, and sometimes the features of DataAdapter make some specific operations easier. In this sample, we will demonstrate how to use DataAdapter to retrieve and update the data:

1. Retrieve Data

a. Use DataAdapter.AcceptChangesDuringFill Property to clone the data in database.

 If the property is set as false, AcceptChanges is not called when filling the table, and the newly added rows are treated as inserted rows. So we can use these rows to insert the new rows into the database.

b. Use DataAdapter.TableMappings Property to define the mapping between the source table and DataTable.

c. Use DataAdapter.FillLoadOption Property to determine how the adapter fills the DataTable from the DbDataReader.

When we create a DataTable, we can only writ the data from database to the current version or the original version by setting the property as the LoadOption.Upsert or the LoadOption.PreserveChanges.

2. Update table

Use DbDataAdapter.UpdateBatchSize Property to perfom batch operations.

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