[Sample Of Jan 1st] Windows Store app: How to access data in an IBuffer in C++


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Sample Download:  http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CppWindowsStoreAppManipulat-2e5e4c7b

IBuffers are returned in several places (WriteableBitmap::PixelBuffer being the most common request) and it isn't clear how to manipulate them. We have samples of how to do this in .Net Framework with the AsStream extension method, but not in C++. You can create a DataReader from an IBuffer using the static FromBuffer method, and this allows you to read raw data from the IBuffer. However, DataWriter doesn't allow you to write the raw data to IBuffer. This example demonstrates methods to extract pixels from a WriteableBitmap by getting its IBufferByteAccess interface, edit its pixels, and then dynamically update it.


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