Windows Store app How-do-I Code Sample Videos on Channel 9

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is featured by code samples that address frequently asked programming requests in MSDN forums and Microsoft Support.  In order to give Developers’ an easier, quicker and more enjoyable learning experience of our code samples,  the team is partnering with Microsoft DPE Julie-Anne Arsenault, Chris Caldwell and Jana Butler, and a video creation team lead by Felix Wu and Jianhua Dong, to create 5 to 10 mins’ short HD demonstration videos for selected Windows Store app code samples.  Thanks to the DPEs’ support, the videos are published on the well-known Microsoft Channel 9 community with a new homepage aggregating all our videos.


After watching the video, you can easily download and learn more details of the code sample by clicking its “Sample Download” link on the page.  


This is a continuous effort.  Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework and the partner teams are committed to this.  You can subscribe to the videos by clicking the “Subscribe to this blog” button in  We hope to hear your feedback and suggestions and continuously improve the videos to better serve our customers.


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