Releasing the new Sample Browser for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010


Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension



Developers love code samples.  Samples often serve as the starting point for many developers to learn a new technology.  They also provide straightforward solutions and helpful references when we as developers need to solve tough programming tasks.  Some developers even live by code samples. 

In partnership with Visual Studio Product Team and MSDN Samples Gallery Team, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework releases Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010 - an effort to evolve the code sample use experience. You can search and download 3500+ Microsoft official code samples and community samples, including over 700 Windows 8 samples and more than 1000 All-In-One Code Framework customer-driven code samples.  With its integrated sample search, flexible sample download and more than ten useful features designed for easier access and management of code samples, we hope to put the power of tens of thousands of code samples at developers’ fingertips.


Features & Benefits

  • Integrated and Rich Sample Search Experience

Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension is integrated with Visual Studio Quick Launch Bar, Toolbar, Code Editor and File Menu.  It gives you quicker access to samples when you are writing code in Visual Studio.  A rich set of sample search conditions allows you to filter search results by language, owner, technology and the targeting Visual Studio version.


  • Integrated and Flexible Sample Download Experience

The Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension is integrated with the built-in support of downloading online samples in Visual Studio 2012.  Code samples downloaded in Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension are visible to the built-in code sample feature in Visual Studio 2012.  Vice versa.

Beyond that, Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension provides additional benefits to developers.  Developers can enjoy the flexibility in downloading and managing code samples.  By multi-selecting sample search results, and clicking a simple download button, you get your wanted code samples.

  • Integrated Look and Feel

Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension is integrated with the Visual Studio theme colors.  It supports both light and dark themes.


What's Next




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Email us to suggest localizing the Sample Browser to more languages.



Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

Sample Browser standalone version

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Q: Can I use the Sample Browser in Visual Studio Express?

A: The extension cannot be installed on Visual Studio Express.  Visual Studio Express users can install the standalone version of Sample Browser to search and download code samples.

Q: Would you consider sharing the source code of Sample Browse to benefit developers?

A: We are working with the legal department to make the Windows Store Sample Browser application for Windows 8 open-source.  The Windows Store Sample Browser application is in development.  We expect its source code to benefit developers who are learning the new Windows Store application development.


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