Sample Browser 5.4 Feature Update

We released a new update for Sample Browser today.  You can sort sample search result by Popularity, Release Date, Title, etc. now.  If you have already installed Sample Browser, please reopen the application to get the auto-update.   If it’s your first time to learn about Sample Browser, you can install it from

Additionally, we’d like to share a good news that the Visual Studio Extension version of Sample Browser is code complete.   It’s well integrated with both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010.  We will release the extension soon after Visual Studio 2012 RTMs.  Please stay tuned for a bigger update.


New Feature

Sample Search Results Sorting

We heard the voice from our Sample Browser users that they want to sort the sample search results alphabetically, or by the sample release date.  In this sprint of Sample Browser, the sorting feature is implemented.   You can sort the search results by Popularity, Release Date, Downloads, Ratings, Title and Author.

In English:

In Chinese:


In Japanese:




Other Small Improvements

The update also includes some small feature improvements and problem fixes.  

  1. We reduced the application size by optimizing the resources in the browser. 
  2. With the RTM of Windows 8, the browser is supporting Windows 8 samples:


  3. If a sample has already been downloaded, when you download it again, the application will prompt a confirmation dialog to avoid unexpected overwriting of the previously downloaded sample.



If you have any feedback about the Sample Browser, please feel free to email

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