[Sample of June 12th] Load User Controls from Embedded Resources in ASP.NET


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Sample Download : http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CSASPNETAccessResourceInAss-6725d61a 

Developed by Arwind Gao, the sample illustrates how to access user controls and web pages from class library via virtual path. Here we inherit VirtualPathProvider and VirtualFile class for creating a custom path provider, this virtual file system can provide a similar file path for accessing many files or code from different application, for example, we can put the same type of files (a.mp3, b.mp3) but in different assemblies (a.dll, b.dll) with a unite virtual path, like http://localhost/mp3/a.mp3 and http://localhost/mp3/b.mp3. In this way, our websites become more clearly and interactive.



For detailed introduction of the sample, please read the documentation at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CSASPNETAccessResourceInAss-6725d61a 

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  2. Meysam says:

    If your assembly needs another assembly, how do you handle that?

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