[Sample of May 30th] Windows Phone 7 Live Whiteboard


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Sample Download: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CSWP7LivePainter-4cda7020 

Developed by Andrew Zhu, this sample, demo a real live white board for windows phone 7, includes two parts: Windows Phone part and ASP.NET server part.

  • Server part(CSASPNETWP7LivePainterServer): there will be 3 httphandlers. Register handler will keep listening the coming phone request and register the online phone; Remove handler will remove phone from the server; Relay handler will receive the whiteboard points info and send to target phones by Notification service.
  • Windows Phone part(CSWP7LivePainter): When app start, Windows Phone will send a http request to tell server this is an online phone. When drawing is done (lose mouse focus event). Windows Phone will send the points info to server. At the same time, when any points info comes from server (notification push). Lines will be drawn in Inkpresenter control.



For detailed introduction of the sample, please read the documentation at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CSWP7LivePainter-4cda7020

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