Sample Browser v5.3 Feature Update

We release a new update for Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser this week, and added two features suggested by many users.  If you have already installed Sample Browser, please reopen the application to get the auto-update.   If it’s your first time to learn about Sample Browser, you can install it from



Feature Updates

1. Easier way of adding a query to “Favorite Searches”

Many users emailed us that they cannot find how to use the “Favorite Searches” feature.  It’s true that the use of the “Favorite Searches” feature was not very discoverable.  You had to right-click a query in the Search History, and add it to Favorite Searches.  

With this week’s update, we redesigned the feature.   You are now able to add a query to “Favorite Searches” by simply clicking the new “love” button under the search textbox.  The current query conditions will be saved to the “Favorite Searches” and you can revisit the search easily in future.



2. Easier way to “Download All” samples

Based on users’ suggestions, we redesigned the “Download All” button in the Sample Browser as well. 

In the previous releases, the “Download All” button will appear in the search result list only when the current search completes.  It takes a long time for the user to wait if the search returns a large number of results.

With the redesign, the “Download All” button will appear right away when it sees the first undownloaded sample when the browser is loading the search results.  If you haven’t downloaded any samples yet, the “Download All” will appear right way when you issue the search.  This gives users much easier way to “download” all samples.



If you have any suggestions about the Sample Browser, please feel free to email  Our team will respond to your suggestion and make the improvements quickly.

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