[Sample of May 26th] Uninstall disks with VDS


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Sample Download: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CppVDSUninstallDisks-7192ea26

This sample demonstrates how to use VDS to uninstall disks and volumes.
Warning: uninstalling a disk may lead to potential data loss.  Use this sample with care.

This sample takes the disk number performs a complete uninstall, including the dismount of the volume and uninstall underlying disks.
To use this sample you will need to provide the disk number for input. This can be found by right clicking on my computer choosing manage, once the Manage UI is open choose Disk Management and look for the TEST disk that you wish to uninstall.  The number associated with this TEST disk will be the input parameter.  After you run the sample this TEST disk should disappear from Disk Management.  If you are not using VHD's for this test you will need to reboot your system for the disk to be recognized by Disk Management.

For detailed introduction of the sample, please read the documentation at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/CppVDSUninstallDisks-7192ea26

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