Sample Browser v5.2 Update

The Sample Browser is updated again last weekend with the following feature improvements and bug fixes.    If you have already installed Sample Browser, please reopen the application to get the auto-update.   If it’s your first time to learn about Sample Browser, you can install it from



1. Added SQL Server to “Featured Samples”



2. Fixed an issue when the Sample Browser loads and resolves CSS style in sample documentation.  Now the Sample Browser can resolve the CSS style correctly and display the nice documentation format:



3. Fixed UI Accessibility errors

We fixed almost all errors reported by AccChecker.  The Sample Browser has much better support of UI Accessibility now. Thank Rob Caplan for suggesting this.


Coming Soon

1. We are adding UI localization support.  In the first batch, we are adding Simplified Chinese and Japanese UI to the Sample Browser.

2. Easier access to the “Download All” function in the Sample Browser.

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